Finnish zoo trip

Today is Saturday! After a truly intensive week we got an opportunity to relax and to enjoy the routine of tourist life. Our trip started at 10 o’clock, when everybody got into the coaches. The day has started with unusually blight sunshine. Half-awake we enjoyed beauty of Finnish pines and rocks in the lights of spring sun. First stop was VMT Shopping Center and Finnish textile “Marimekko”; if you like clothes it should be the right place to shop. Be aware that it’s quite pricey though.

And 20 minutes later we are on our way the first big destination point, Ähtäri Zoo. Familiar landscapes in the windows, relaxing and calming nature of the north accompanied us all the way to the Zoo. One hour later we reached our destination point.

Main entrance and whole building looks modern and fresh: wide building which combines with glass, wood and stone in geometrical aesthetic forms. Right inside the main building there is a Mesikammen Hotel. Even though we had a brief look at the stone halls of hotel, it is impossible to remain untouched by the scale and grace of interior. After really short tour around parts of the building we finally began our journey into the wild. Armed with maps and cameras people split into small groups and went hunting for photos.


Roe deer, fallow deer, forest reindeer, reindeer, white-tailed deer. All of these are present in the zoo. Who knew there are so many… As a person from central-eastern Europe, most of the animals were new to me. Even species which were familiar to me, were represented here in a larger quantities. Check out our flickr gallery for more.

Two hours later, when everyone got hungry and cold, we boarded the bus. Just half an hour later we arrived to Tuurin Shipping Centre . If you didn’t get any souvenirs, this is the place to do it. Personally I would recommend Koskikeskus Shopping Centre in Tampere, since the prices there are the lowest I could find.

In Tuurin you can shop for everything you would ever need: electronics, clothes, household goods and more. Be prepared for the Finnish structure of Mall. They have a good pizza shop, burgers and buffet inside of the building but finding it reminds of treasure hunt. I made three circles around the complex until I noticed the entrance to the fast food. At least you’ll work up an appetite.

After all the shopping, photos and eating, we got together in the bus again. The day ended with a party in Pub66 where Lantsa performed live (a Finnish band).

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