Don’t Scream

In the afternoon we were searching for a nice place to fish and then we saw the house. It looked like it was take out of a horror movie. We took a few photos and went back to the camp. While watching the photos we suddenly realized that on one of the pictures there was a man wearing a suite and a bow tie.


At the barbecue we told the story to the other people and we decided to go back to the house again at midnight. It was pitch black outside, only the moon was shining through the trees. Suddenly a wolf howled and we decided to run back, but on the run Olli broke through a blanket of snow in a water hole. We had to leave him behind. With just five of us were left and no idea what happened to Olli, we made out way through the forest. We could hear him screaming from miles away.

When we reached the house we remembered what the old Fins told us: during the first ever IP in Virrat a few people were making a campfire when one of them saw a man with white face wearing a suite and a bow tie. Everyone laughed about it, but the next morning one of the girls disappeared. She was never seen again but it’s suspected that she was dragged into the woods. The story felt so real to us, and while lost in the moment we remembered the man from the picture. Fear was spreading but we still walked on towards the house.

Suddenly we heard the sob of a girl… What do you see in the picture? And what do you think what happened?

(This not a real story and of such doesn’t represent the truth)

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