Locked out again

Finland is a normal country by many considerations; however when it comes to locks things become interesting. At first may sound funny, but later you will probably have some problems with them.

In Finland door locks appear the same as the ones you’re used to, but they are quite different: the door lock has two positions. If you have it in the lower position (unlocked) you’re okay, but if you have it in the upper position you have to be careful. It’s recommended to always have your keys with you. You can get out from your room in any lock position, but if you leave the key in the room you´re in trouble. These doors automatically close, so you can´t get in unless you have another key.

Let´s take this year’s IP programme: the numbers of the people who are in “door-lock-trouble” are increasing from day-to-day. This can be really annoying. If you lock the door in the middle of the night you have to take account of the fact that you must sleep in the living room or pay the standard charge of €50.

This year we actually had our own lock-out record of 10 seconds. The person in question opened the door left his trolley, shut the door, and then realized that his keys were in the backpack.

During you time at IP make sure you don’t lock yourself out.

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