Camping for Dummies

First choose a dry place to build your campfire. Snow must not be at the bottom of the fire as it will stop it from burning properly. Moss patches are a great spot. If no such spot is found, remove the snow with the shovel provided.


Secondly you must create the perimeter of your campsite using logs. Try to create a square or triangular shape. Use an axe to make grooves into the logs in order to make them secure. Be mindful that some logs might have nails.

Third thing to do is to find some tinder and start organizing the fire logs into you DIY fire pit. Bark is usually a good material for tinder. Use the provided knife to collect from surrounding trees.

Forth thing would be to light your fire once the logs are organized correctly. Always place the logs bark-down when at the bottom of the fire and bark-outwards when on the sides of you fire. The completed fire pit should look like tent. Make sure the logs are nicely spread out so that air can get to the heart of the fire. Tinder should be place at the heart of the pit.


Fifth thing would be to light your tinder with a match and then slowly moving around the log so that the fire is evenly spread.

This should give you a decent fire.

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