The first days in Virrat

You survived your first day and did not miss the bus after sightseeing? Great! Then let me welcome you to Virrat. To give you some idea about Virrat and Lomasaari (that’s the place where you will be sleeping), watch this video on youtube. This is a picture of the cottages at night:


As soon as you arrive in Lomasaari you will be greeted by Pirkko again. She will hand out your keys, but it would be great to let one person per room fetch the keys. It can get chaotic otherwise! Afterwards you have time to make yourself comfortable in your new home for the next 10 days of work. Have fun!

First things first: Always carry your key with you! The doors are self-locking and cannot be openend without your key. Honestly, always: we had 6 lockouts in the first hour)

Everyday business

After your breakfast (starting at 8.15) the bus will leave for Virrat Library at 9.15 sharp. So better be there in time as it will leave without you otherwise. You can see the route here. In the morning, after a quick greeting from Pirkko, most of the lectures beging. They are followed by a lunch break. In the afternoon there are workshops running until 17.15. They take place in Virrat Library or in a building near the library (check out the path here). Once finished there is a bus waiting in front of the library, again leaving at 17.15 (sharp!) which takes you to a big store where you can buy some supplies. This is followed by dinner at 18.30 after which you will have the rest of the evening to yourself, so enjoy it!

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One Response to The first days in Virrat

  1. dan says:

    Here just some weird experience from the IP 2012: I was the first one, who goes to the shower in the morning. For showering in the first days, i doesnt take my key with me. I kept the door a little open. I only had my towel with me and dressed only my t-shirt and some underwear.

    As i came back from the shower, the door was closed. I tought: “No Problem, just knock the door”. I knocked the door very silent and its getting cold. My roommate doesnt heared something. I knocked louder and said the name of my roommate. … but my roommate was sleeping so hard, that he doesnt recognized something. …. But the other people in the house heard my knocking. So i woke up everyone except my roommate. I was very lucky that he became awake after 30 minutes and i was able to dress some pants and a sweater


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