Welcome to Finland

Welcome to the official IP Virrat in Finland. Virrat is 125km away from Tampere and although it’s considered a town it may seem like a village to you. Virrat has a population of 7000, and finish culture might be very different from your own: fins don’t appreciate it when you interrupt them when talking, they expect you to be punctual, also they take of their shoes before entering the house. Finland’s currency is the € (euro) and most things are expensive although it depends where you are coming from.

Traveling from Helsinki Vantaa airport to Tampere

Tampere has an airport and connections from Helsinki are extremely quick compared to the bus connection. If you can get the flights cheap you’ll save time. If not, go for the bus. It is leaving at platforms 5 (if you arrive at terminal 1) and 13-14 ( if you arrive at terminal 2). The bus journey takes 2 hours, so make sure you have a good book with you! You can buy a ticket directly from the bus driver (~27€) and he helps you with your luggage too. Be on the watch as you must not stand up while he is driving.

Getting to the hotel

If you are staying at the Victoria Hotel, check out the route to it. It is only a short way and it may be good to get there by foot after the long journey!

At the Victoria Hotel you will be greeted by someone at reception. Service is pleasant but be prepared to share a room and choose a bed (some are smaller than others) also the lifts are small and can get busy. The rooms have free wifi, ask for the login details at reception. If you need some recreation the hotel has a pool and even a sauna, which is opened 5-9 pm. The breakfast is from 6am in the morning and it’s an open buffet; They have cereal, bread, salami, vegetables, and everything else you could want. The bus leaves at 9.15am so make sure you give yourself enough time to eat and please don’t leave anything in the room.

During the first day you will have the chance to visit Tampere and have time to wander around. A good place to have a coffee or cake is Koskikeskus, but there are a few places around town including McDonalds, Subway, and Indian restaurants. Prices depend on where you go, but in general they are acceptable. You don’t have much time around Tampere so make sure you take advantage of it. On the way to Virrat you’ll have a guided tour of the city and you will see Tuomiokirkko which is the town cathedral, best know for the paintings inside and architecture.

So enjoy your stay in Tampere and welcome to Finland!

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